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Kennelname in DKK until 2011


Kennel Pomtoy´s

( previously Kennel Pomdie´s)

Pomeranians have been a part of my life since 1985.  Kennel Pomtoy´s is a small hobbykennel located in Denmark 60 km from Copenhagen.
I only breed one or two litters a year, and I am very concerned about where they are placed.

 My dogs are a part of the Family, and they love to be on the Couch or to be lap-dogs every day. They also have their own rooms inside with the opportunity to get out the Year round
A big wish came true in October 2008, where Kennel Pomtoy´s got Russian Toy too.
      Kennelname in DDH after 2011    

The outside areas have been much bigger with  flagstones.....

....and grass

Here  my dogs can walk in and out the Year round

Here the 3rd outside  area

.....and from the opposite site

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My aim with the breeds:
To improve the breeds according

 to the Standard.

To breed healthy Dogs with a
 good temperament.

To learn and share as much
 knowledge about my breeds as

My puppies are all raised in my home enviroment with lots of love and attention, and are well socialized.
All go to their new homes with  microchip and are medically certified by my veterinarian as healthy.
Of course they get an instruction in taking care of the puppy, toys, dogbed, CD with pictures from birth to you are collecting your Puppy,  and Food for three days
( I make the Food myself, and it can only be keeping frech in about three days).
All puppies are delivered in accordance with The Danish Dogassociation´s rules
- watch  Kennel Pomtoy´s conditions for selling puppies here - Puppypage

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When you are rearing a Breed, it is necessary to have your Dog judged.
This is because of the standard, which the Breed must be held inside.

 And hereditary healthproblems can be avoided by health examinations before breeding.
There are quite clear rules  for a show.

The Dogs have to be judges according to the standard, and be rewarded after a system, where those Dogs, who are closest to the standard, will have the finest prizes.
All will be judges in their appearance and their mentality , but a showresult tells nothing about the breedquality of the Dog.
The showresult tells something about the result of a rearing.

It was for fun  I started to exhibit my first Pomeranian, but I became thrilled to it because of the competition and being together with the other exhibitors.
Today I often exhibit at several shows  here in Denmark

My motto:
" I bring the same lovely Dog to the show,  as I take back home again  - irrespective of the showresult".

There are many hours of training behind those 5-10 minutes you show the
Dog and he gets his judgement.

First the Dog must learn to walk nicely at the left side of the leader. Later on the Dog can learn to walk on the right side too.
At the same time there have to be trained at a table, so the judge can examine the Teeth and the rest of the Body. It is important to traine Males, so the judge can feel both testicles.
The Dog must learn to stand still at will, and be standing without the Tail goes down. This because the judge have to see and  judge the Dog from the side.
The Dog have to learn there can be other Dogs, who walk behind him, or in front of him.



It is very practical to have a case and a carriage to the transport of the Dog from the Car to the Show area.

Likeweise it is a good idea to obtain a tent because you and your Dog then have protection against bad weather and too much sun at outdoor shows.
Often a showday can  last 8-9 hours, it can be usefully to bring a chair with you.

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Top 10 Reasons to Breed Dogs
1) You think the House is too orderly.
2) You´re already an insomniac.
3) You want your vet to buy a new BMW.
4) Your furniture lokks to new.
5) You love the sound of puppies day and night.
6) Your garden and backyard need renovating and you don´t want to pay a landscaper.
7) Your neighbors don´t complain enough already.
8) The Kids aren´t really a challenge.
9) If you can train and show one dog, why not ten.
10) You can´t think of a better way to test your spouse´s loyalty.


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                                       To be a breeder           


There are 4 things, which I thing must be compulsory worktools, if you
want to call yourself a serious Breeder:

1:  Pedigree     
                  2: FCI-Standard 

                                               3: Dogshow                    
                                                                       4: Breeder education

Dogshow has been described above

To be a Breeder of Pomeranian and Russian Toy require a good economy, because there will never ever be a profit !!!  This because of the fact that Pomeranian and Russian Toy litters only consist of 1-3 Puppies on average. The expenses  for Shows, Puchasing of new blood line to the Kennel  and the bills from the Vet are the same either the Bitch have 2 or 10 Puppies, but the income is naturally higher the more bigger the litter is.

When you start breeding, it is important to find the right dogs, and here a Pedigree is the most important thing, because  you can see the showresults ( = is kept inside the Standard) and the lines back - usually further more back than 3 generations, which will be on a Pedigree from The Danish Kennel Club. By asking the Breeders you can get  knowledge about health problems in the lines.

Nevertheless, I thing all Breeders have got a breeddog home, to whom there was great expectation but nevertheless never gave the expected breed, or have drove a long way to have a Bitch mated, and the same Bitch not became pregnant , or she mut have a caesarean section, or the worst possible - she died during the delivery.

Perhaps it has turned out that the offsprings from a Multichampion gave very bad breedresults, or an expensive purchased Breeddog has turned out to have hereditaries healt problems, which make it impossible to breed with it.

One or two Puppies in the litter die , with a bill from the Vet afterwards. Under any case the Mate-agreement  must be paid .

It can be necessary to take a Puppy back, because it not works in the new Home, or have to feed the Puppies, if the Mother rejected them ( Every second Hour  day and night for the first 21 days!! )

Refunding  money to the buyer of the Puppy, if  it occurs essentially defects at the Puppy  within 2 years ( the Danish purchaselow). A Breeder must always save the price of a Puppy in 2 years, in order to avoid a bad economy.

A serious breeder must take these advises:

Puppies must be in homely environments, where they are socialised, and can get experiences,which cause that they can come to their new homes without problems.
If one or more of the Puppies have to stay with the Breeder after an age of 8 weeks, it must be stimulated and have contact with the other Dogs in the Home.
The new owners have right to  a written guidance   - and  a oral guidance -  also after the Puppy has left the Kennel.
There must follow a healthcertificate with the Puppy, which is under a week old.
All Puppies must be sold with a pedigree.
The Breeder and the new owner must enter into a Purchase Commitment.

All those initiatives so the new owner can collect a Pomeranian- or Russian Toypuppy , who they can be pleased with for many years in the future, cost money and time, but I don´t thing the new owner thing about it, when the Puppy is collected and  paid for. It can be difficult to see the reasonable that a Puppy cost over 10.000 kr

A Breeder´s happiness

For the major part of Kennel Pomtoy´s breeding is happiness the biggest part, so all those thing, which not allways succeed seems less. I will mention some of them here:

To find that the mating have caused a pregnant Bitch and the time before the Birth goes well.

To experience a birth, which has been well over, and look at the Mother who begins to take caring of her Puppies

To work with the socialising of a litter from they are two weeks old until they go to their new Homes

To experience my Puppies get in to good loving Homes, and to keep in touch with them.

To prepare the next Matings

To see my Puppies as well functioning adult Dogs.

To learn something new about breeding, and to pass it on to others.

To get a fine and well-deserved prize at a Show.

To use my experience and knowledge for the benefit of the Breed.

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