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Russian Toy


Pomeranian Puppies 4 weeks old

Russian Toy Puppies 4 weeks old



The Pictures at this page is from previously Puppies.

If you have an interested in a Puppy from Kennel Pomtoy´s, you are very welcome to contact me.

Puppy from Elisaveta Mazasis Elfas / Elisabeth

Pomdie´s Nelly

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Puppy from Colli Mazasis Elfas / Jutta

Danish Champion and International champion

Pomdie´s Sharlik

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Puppies from Dusty


Pomtoy´s night star Chica
1 week old
Weight 163 g

2nd litter:
Dusty has given birth to two Puppies.
One female and one Male,
Th 2nd of January 2016

Pomtoy´s Dawn Superman
1 week old
Weight 213 g


Mother: Pomdies Lady Stardust / "Dusty"
1st litter:
Dusty has given birth to a female Puppy
Th 16th of January 2014

Pomtoy´s Beautiful Mindy
Is now loved by the family Trendholm in Vipperød

Father: Sold Heart Of Denver/"Denver"

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Puppies from Pomdie´s Magic Pepsi / Pepsi

Heidelind´s Little Living Legend / Riku

Pepsi got 3 dead-born Puppies a year ago,
so it is such a pleasure she becomes mother again.
Pepsi has given birth to 2 Females ,The 24th of June 2013

Pomtoy´s Midsummer Pearl / Perle
Watch her page here

Pomtoy´s Star Nicole / Nulle
Is now loved by Lone & Dan in Karlslunde

Pomdie´s Magic Pepsi / Pepsi

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 Puppies from Maleika

2nd Litter: 1 Female and 1 Male Puppies, born Th 19th of March 2014

1 Day old

Father: Piccolo Pom´s Madly In Love / Gizmo

Pomtoy´s  Little Brother Nicko
Pomtoy´s Morning Star Sally

  10 weeks old  weighs  531 g

now loved by Bethina og Thomas in Randers

8 weeks old    weighs 521 g
now loved by Susanne in Valby


1 st Litter: 1 Female and 1 Male, born Th 18th of December 2012
Father: Solid Heart Of Denver

Pomtoy´s Amazing Maggie
Now loved by Brian and Camilla in Copenhagen

Pomtoy´s Little Kenzo
Now loved by Connie and Bent in Høng

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Puppies from Pomdie´s Princess Fluffy

3 Female and 1 Male Puppies , born Th 14th/ 15th of March 2014

                               2 days old

Solid Heart Of Denver

Pomtoy´s Evening Star Freja
Now loved by Tenna
Pomtoy´s Little Aisha
Will remain in the kennel
Pomtoy´s Happiness Girl Mitzi
Now loved by Emma
Pomtoy´s Delayed Surprise Gordon
Now loved by Jeanette
8 weeks old the Puppies are almost ready to get to their new homes. They have got a chip at the Vet, and are now indepent on Fluffy

Weighs 624 g

Weighs 509 g

Weighs 603 g

Weighs 579 g

Pomtoy´s Princess Sandy
Now loved by Ketty and Gert in Næstved
Solid Heart Of Denver

Sandy - 5 Months old

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Puppies from Flirting With Temptation By Gernada

DKCH,KLBCH Pomdie´s Magic Pepsi

Pomdie´s Dancing Diva

DKCH Pomdie´s Joyfull Joline
Now loved by Marietta Foxmar in St. Heddinge

Pomdie´s Princess Fluffy

DKCH, INTCH Pomdie´s Lovely Diana
Årets bedste tæve 2012
Now loved by Ketty and Gert in Næstved

Pomdie´s Diamond Monique
2010 - 2011

Pomdie´s Lady Stardust "Dusty"

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Puppies from Grandenspitz´s Daisy

Pomdie´s Iron Lady

Pomdie´s Little Keizan

Pomdie´s Dark Tyson

Pomdie´s Pascal

Pomdie´s Cute Molly

Pomdie´s Mamma Mia

Pomdie´s Maggie

Maggie and her 3 boys in 2013

Pomdie´s Sweet Charmy

Pomdie´s Golden Maleika

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Puppies from Cobillias Prima Donna

Pomdie´s Archibald

Pomdie´s Zindy

Pomdie´s Chicko

Pomdie´s Mister Famous

Pomdie´s Gambler Girl

Pomdie´s Born To Be Special

Pomdie´s Sifka Mammy´s Surprice

Pomdie´s Miko Naughty Joker
2002 - 2012

Pomdie´s Miss Pretty

Pomdie´s Moa

Pomdie´s Daisi

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